How Individuals and Small Businesses Can Protect Themselves From Cyber Threats – with Kristin Judge.

In this episode of CHATTINN CYBER, Marc Schein interviews Kristin Judge, a Leading Voice for Cybercrime Victims. Kristin educates small businesses, elected officials, and nontechnical individuals to use best practices to avoid cyber risks.

Small businesses and individuals are facing a huge risk with the rapid growth of cybercrime, people are losing their livelihood, homes, and mental health. Businesses, as well as communities, are suffering globally.

Kristin discusses the top 3 cyber risks that are impacting individuals and small businesses.

  • Romance Scams on the internet
  • Cyberbullying
  • Ransomware attacks

Kristin started Securing our Community, a program that will help tackle the risk of cybercrimes. In this program, her team will train children and college students to assist less tech-savvy people in their environment. She says, trainees will be able to help individuals, businesses, and communities. Such as adding a malware program to individual’s systems, changing their privacy settings, etc.

Recently, Cyberspace Solarium Commission took a great step to protect individuals and small businesses from cybercrimes. Cyberspace Solarium Commission shared a transition document with the Biden administration that talks about leading a national call center for individuals and small businesses. They also call-out the need for victim services grants. Due to all these efforts of the Cyberspace Solarium and congressional leadership, we are finally seeing that the cyber victims are being served and their voice is being heard.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast

  1. How Kristin Judge started her career in cybersecurity and was appointed to train government officials?
  2. How cyber attacks are impacting small businesses and individuals?
  3. What are the trends of cyber risks and what are the top 3 cyber risks?
  4. What individuals and small businesses can do to protect themselves from cyber risks?
  5. How Kristin’s ‘Securing our Community’ and ‘Cyber Secure My Business’ programs are helping individuals and businesses?
  6. What services are available  for small businesses and individuals?
  7. How an individual can report any cyber issue and can reinforce the security of his/her system?
  8. Where individuals can get constant updates of new information on cybersecurity and cyber risks?
  9. What Cybercrime Support Network (CSN) is doing for small businesses?
  10. What are the benefits of engaging cybersecurity companies with small businesses?
  11. What is the significance of cyber insurance in protecting small businesses?
  12. What’s the importance of securing home networks?
  13. What Cyberspace Solarium Commission recently did to protect individuals and small businesses from cybercrimes?