Distinct Field, Ubiquitous Influence: Cybersecurity and Insurance with Robert Chesler

Today, Marc sits down with prominent insurance lawyer Robert Chesler to discuss the unique yet expansive role that cybersecurity plays in the insurance sector. Drawing from his expansive industry and legal experience, Chesler shares his insight on the current relationship between cybersecruity and insurance claims and how the growing field of cyber-law can learn from the success of other law sectors. Chesler also pulls from current and recent cases to illustrate how insurance companies may evolve on their choices with regarding to filling employee claims.

A trailblazer of insurance coverage litigation for policy holders, Robert Chesler is a shareholder with Anderson Kill and a member of their Cyber Insurance Recovery group. Chesler has seen and participated in the birth of modern insurance law since the 1980’s and is now actively overseeing new areas of coverage such as cyber and privacy insurance. He has represented huge industry clients such as GE, Chrysler, and Unilever as well as many small businesses in pro-bono cases. A prolific author, Robert regularly publishes articles in widespread journals and websites that perk the ears of industry voices and which establish him as a thought leader in his own right. Rob holds his Bar Admissions in New Jersey and received his JD from Harvard Law School. He also holds a Ph.D. from Princeton University.